Yorkie Absolutely Loves His Puppachino

Puppachino Yorkie featured image

Photo: The Yorkie Club / Rumble

Puppuccino! How can you not love that word? And how can you not completely love this video of a cheeky faced Yorkie lapping up his very own Puppuccino?

I wonder if the Puppuccino was a coffee date treat after being well behaved at the salon, look at that little buzz cut he’s sporting. What a fun day it seems.

Enjoy the short adorable video here:

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Dogs love going out, for walks, in the car, out the gate… just out! And how special it is that they love going out with you. So it’s rather clever and thoughtful of the coffee shops to offer Puppuccinos as an outing spoil. Watching this little Yorkie enjoying his ‘ccino made me  conscious of how ‘times have changed’ and how over the last decade, public spaces, hotels and restaurants, have started catering for dogs and dog owners, in a way not thought of before. I wonder if it was the introduction of the simple Puppuccino that birthed this new world?

For those few and completely ‘out-of-date’ humans who don’t know what a Puppuccino is, it is a small espresso cup of whipped cream or sometimes frothed milk, offered by Starbucks and coffee shops worldwide. Made especially for your pup, served with your own order of your favorite beverage. Your dog truly is your best friend, and so why would you not want to share a coffee date with them?

The Puppuccino phenomenon apparently started back in 2008, by Pet Rescue Advocate, Rocky Kanaka. Rocky started serving cups of whipped cream to the dogs that came into his own coffee shop with their owners, and it was an instant success. Rocky then took to posting videos online featuring the pups enjoying their Puppuccinos, and the craze took off globally.

The Puppuccino concept seems to have had quite an impact in the culinary world, with many popular restaurants and cafés now offering up full menus for your dog as well. Curious, I did some research as to what exactly is on offer, concentrating my research to my own home country, South Africa, and wow, was I pleasantly surprised!

A hotel restaurant in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, has on offer the “Bark-a-Licious” menu, which includes a beef filet steak and ostrich mince for your favorite four legged friend. Ostrich mince of all things; what a unique and fancy treat! Another Cape Town based restaurant offers “Joe’s Crunchy Balls”, (yes you read that right), which are made with oats and peanut butter. Also on the menu is “Orange Donald’s Bake”, which is a bake stuffed with pumpkin and boerewors. Boerewors is a South African favorite, it is a sausage made with beef, pork and spices, with a great high fatty content for that extra flavor. A dog’s dream! And how thoughtful of the restaurant to add in some pumpkin for a bit of fiber and vitamin boost.

On the pumpkin note, there are even Vegan restaurants with items on offer for their canine patrons, one offers ‘Vet approved Vegan Pup cakes’. Another offers something quite unexpected; Ice-cream for dogs. Which they’ve labeled “Furry Ice-cream”, and comes in flavors of Peanut Butter and Banana & Coconut Milk. Then a not so vegan establishment also serves up ice-cream for dogs in the delectable flavor of Venison and Coconut.

A café in the city of Durban, a surfing hotspot, offers something which even the hungry surfer just might tuck into with his faithful friend, a Honeyed Bacon Dog Biscuit, served alongside the infamous Puppuccino. Another interesting ‘exculsivley dog’ menu I found, is a breakfast menu from a bar and grill also in Durban, the ”Pooch Breakfast”, grilled sliced bacon and a pork sausage served with a “Milk Draught”. I think the surfer may tuck into this one as well.

But let’s not forget dinner? We leave Durban and take a short flight inland to the bustling city of Johannesburg, where we can find ‘mains of mutton, ostrich, beef or chicken, served on a bed of rice and lentils’ or perhaps you’d prefer a bowl of chicken livers? Dinner for two? Woof woof!

Imagine spoiling your pup with all this! Will he ever accept eating at home again? What a lovely endeavor (thanks to the influence of the humble Puppuccino) to be able to include your best four legged friend to a meal out in the town. And with what‘s on offer, you can both leave feeling satisfied and quite spoiled indeed!

Nap time? Yes please… zzz

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