5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Yorkie

PHOTOS: Carol Deebel, Jayant Dayaram / The Yorkie Club

We often find ourselves searching for things to improve our lives.

I am here to end that search once and for all!

I like watching YouTube and eating chocolate. Some people drink coffee or listen to music, the point is we need to stimulate the brain with things that improve our quality of life.

Yorkshire Terriers solve that need and offer much more than we could hope for.

5. Yorkies will make you smile

PHOTO: Michael David John Coogan / YorkieOfTheDay

We are told as children to smile or at least for some of us, it comes naturally even as adults.

Ever find yourself not smiling enough?

A tiny feisty teddy bear running around your house will keep you smiling even through life’s inevitable challenges.

Even if you smile just enough, one can never smile too much.

Muscles used in the face while smiling activate brain chemicals in subtle amounts that contribute to well being & improve the quality of your life.

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