5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Yorkie

Source: Carol Deebel, Jayant Dayaram / The Yorkie Club

We often find ourselves searching for things to improve our lives.

I am here to end that search once and for all!

I like watching YouTube and eating chocolate. Some people drink coffee or listen to music, the point is we need to stimulate the brain with things that improve our quality of life.

Yorkshire Terriers solve that need and offer much more than we could hope for.

5. Yorkies will make you smile

Source: Michael David John Coogan / YorkieOfTheDay

We are told as children to smile or at least for some of us, it comes naturally even as adults.

Ever find yourself not smiling enough?

A tiny feisty teddy bear running around your house will keep you smiling even through life’s inevitable challenges.

Even if you smile just enough, one can never smile too much.

Muscles used in the face while smiling activate brain chemicals in subtle amounts that contribute to well being & improve the quality of your life.

4. Yorkies never grow up.

Photo: Tregi00

This may sound counter intuitive but wise people always say children and innocence can teach us many valuable things.

Having a Yorkie embodies that statement as their personalities are very child like.

Also one cannot look at a Yorkies face and not think of pure innocence!

3. Yorkies make you healthier

I already mentioned how Yorkies can benefit our quality of life. They also improve our health in the following ways:

When we have to feed our Yorkies we would otherwise be sitting down doing nothing or staring at our phones.

Instead, we move around and bond with our Yorkies and th I Improves our health.

Laughing improves our body, brain and quality of life too.

Playing with a Yorkie or walking with your Yorkie is excellent for your physical health for obvious reasons.

2. Yorkies are great guard dogs (sort of)

It’s true, Yorkies sound the alarm at intruders.

Of course not only intruders are what can set a Yorkie alarm off!
All Yorkie parents know this.

Below is a video of a Yorkie that scares off an intruder!

1. You will never be alone again

Privacy is a thing of the past when a Yorkie enters your home.

The plus side is you have a little bathroom companion even if you close the door.

You’ll notice the shadow beneath the doorway, and as you exit the bathroom your Yorkie promises themselves never to leave your side again.

Eventually you’ll end up leaving the door open, the Yorkies always win that battle.

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