Yorkie Meets Baby And Gives Him Kisses

Yorkie Meets Baby for the First time

Image: Marla Johnson / Rumble

To many of us, our Yorkies are considered an integral part of our family.

So it is important that our Yorkies get on well with other members of the family.

An extremely precious moment was captured on film when Mia the Yorkie met her newest family member: a human baby boy!

Watch this magical video below:

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Mia the Yorkie is so absolutely adorable.

The way she is so gentle yet excited and lays on her side it’s just too cute.

It’s like she knows she is on camera and is being extra lovable!

This video demonstrates the caring, gentle, loving and welcoming nature that all Yorkies have within.

Some Yorkies put on a tough exterior and become tenacious, in a good way.

If you show your Yorkies kindness, respect and love then you can expect that in return.

Having one or more Yorkies is tremendously rewarding, they are way more than just a cute little ball of fur!

I must say, human babies are cute sometimes when they’re not crying. In my humble opinion however, Yorkies are cute all the time.

One cannot watch the above video and disagree.

Dont get me wrong, babies are adorable though Yorkies have their own unique brand of preciousness that no other living being can match.

I believe Yorkies are put on this earth to improve the lives of people.

If every human had a Yorkie or two in their home the world would become a happier place.

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