Yorkie Can’t Contain Excitement When Mom Finally Came Home!

Yorkie Preciously Reacts to Mom Returning Home featured Image

Image: Andrea Feldman Walen @The Yorkie Club

How many ways are there to say I love you?

Well this little Yorkie has the best way ever.

His mommy returned home from a trip and his reaction says it all!

WATCH the wholesome video below:

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I am positive that anyone who witnesses this moment will instantly become a Yorkie lover.

This video is definitely one of the cutest videos on the internet.

We need to spread the happiness of Yorkie love to every human on earth!

Yorkies make the world a happier, safer and cuter place – this is a fact and not an opinion. Ask every Yorkie owner you know and they will wholeheartedly agree.

Too many people arrive home to an empty or unhappy house. The obvious solution to this devastating human tragedy is to get a Yorkie!

Everyone Needs to experience the joy of a Yorkie reacting to your return.

It truly is so cute how not only Yorkies but all dogs get so happy and full of love when their owners return home!

Every dog owner would agree with that, it is such a good feeling to be welcomed to your home by a little fluffy friend.

When someone searches for the definition of happiness they should see this video – the joy and happiness is mesmerising.

The way the Yorkie is unable to contain his feelings and energy, he is all over his mommy upon her safe return!

No one could ask for anything sweeter than that.

I am just so happy this was captured on film, and now we all get to smile and laugh together by the shareable nature of the internet.

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