Three Yorkies Totally Destroy Early Christmas Present

Three Yorkies Rip Amazon Delivery Apart featured Image

Media: The Yorkie Club / Johnny Rickert

Imagine a life where the hassle of opening parcels and deliveries is a thing of the past.

The troublesome task of opening the box to get your parcel is not only automated but also entertaining.

The only downside of course, is the mess on the floor that remains once the box opening process begins.

Watch the video below:


Now what was I saying?

Oh yes, the automated box opening process is actually three tenacious Yorkies!

I would totally let my Yorkies do this. However, the mess leftover is something I don’t want to clean.

The beauty of this video is that I don’t have to let my Yorkies open my Amazon boxes in real life because I just watched it!

I hope you enjoyed that absolutely entertaining video, I just love the way the three Yorkies work together.

They are cooperating to get the toys inside the box.

You can easily tell that the whole process of opening the box itself is their favorite part.

The toys are the icing on the cake as the fun continues long after the camera stops recording!

My Yorkies absolutely love toys. I have a box in my home filled with Yorkie toys and there are too many to count!

Obviously their newest and favorite toys are out and about the house, mostly on the couch.

I’m sure you know the importance of stimulating your Yorkies brain and energy with play time.

Remember to play with your yorkies as this goes beyond exercise, it’s a very important bonding activity.

Dogs that are well stimulated with exercise, nutritious food and bonding with their family have been known to live long happy lives.

In fact, we as humans need these things too. Exercise, nutrition and social contact is important!

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