Why are Yorkshire Terriers so Popular?

PHOTOS: Sharon Karlsson Simons, Jacy Dagrella Croteau / TheYorkieClub

Yorkshire Terriers, the world’s fastest rising star in the realm of dog breeds.

If you have not heard by now, Yorkies are fast becoming the world’s most popular dog!

It is no wonder as to why, especially if you have a Yorkie of your own.

You know full well what makes them the obvious choice for a family pet.

But more than just being a family pet, Yorkies have a way about them that encompasses almost every aspect of the perfect dog.

Besides the obvious ‘drawback’ of a Yorkshire Terrier, being their size – it would make absolute sense that Yorkies won’t make great guard dogs.

Don’t try and tell your Yorkie that though, in their mind they are the biggest and baddest dog on the block!

So what makes a Yorkie so special anyway?

PHOTO: Dayvison de Oliveira Silva

Is it their little button noses and child like attitude coupled with their beautiful hair and tiny size?

No it can’t be! There are countless small dog breeds that exist which fit those characteristics.

It is the fact that Yorkies are so loving and caring for their family.

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