Yorkie Puppy Buyer Information

Photos: Destinee Session, Dailizza Arocha / The Yorkie Club

We have already discussed about how it is indeed possible to find registered reputable breeders in the USA.

We haven’t discussed some safety information nor the reasons as to why it is important to be extra careful when searching for a Yorkie.

All over the internet there are people searching for Yorkies, it is now under as to why – Yorkies are the very best dog to have. Obviously we are only sharing our unbiased opinion.

Regardless, due to the overabundance of people wanting Yorkie puppies there is also a lot of people claiming to sell Yorkie puppies.

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This situation creates a perfect habitat for scams to happen.

As an admin on a large Facebook group and pages dedicated to Yorkies I have seen first hand how people are taken advantage of on their search for a Yorkie puppy.

Unfortunately the sheer amount of scammers online makes it very hard for social media companies to stop them.

All we can do in the meantime is be aware of what to look out for.

There are some obvious red flags that some people sadly fall for.

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