Protecting your Yorkie from Danger

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Part of being a good pet parent is keeping your furry friend safe.

Nothing more true could be said when it comes to Yorkshire Terriers.

Not only are they tiny and fragile but they are unaware of the dangers of life due to their child like attitude and inherent adorableness.

Therefore it is up to us to be their first line of not only love, but safety.

What dangers are posed to Yorkies in 2022?

Off the top of my head here are a few:

  • Predator birds seeing Yorkies as food
  • People wanting to steal Yorkies to sell them or keep for themselves
  • Choking hazards
  • Other dogs

1 – Predator birds

I’m sure you saw the video of the eagle that nearly snatched that Yorkie away.

If not then all you need to know is that the Yorkie was sitting outside in the yard and all of a sudden a large Eagle swooped down from the sky and tried to take off with the Yorkie.

Thankfully the Yorkie got away and ran to the front door!

The reason I mentioned this case is because it is recent but also a stark reminder of the reality of life.

Anything can happen at any moment and it is up to us to prepare for these moments, or prevent them entirely.

Here are a few tips for you if your Yorkie likes to go outside:

  • Try and be outside with your Yorkie more often
  • Research if predator birds are even found in your local area
  • Make sure your Yorkie has a doggy door or some form of access to the house

2 – People stealing Yorkies

It is no surprise that humans would feature in this article. Not only are humans compassionate and caring, but we can also be terrible and mean.

As mentioned above Yorkies are popular and adorable. They are also expensive and highly desired.

There is a huge demand for Yorkies and so any thief wanting to make quick money may consider stealing a Yorkie from a low access wall if they can.

Unfortunately this happens more in the USA than anywhere else so once again make sure your Yorkie has a way to access your house or a place of safety should someone or something try and take your Yorkie!

Another helpful tip is to ensure your Yorkie has a microchip or a way of tracking their location should they be stolen or even somehow get lost.

3 – Choking hazards

Not too long ago a family member of mine lost her dear Yorkie one afternoon after a child had fed the Yorkie a piece of BBQ chicken.

Sadly the piece of chicken was too big for the Yorkie and it got stuck in his throat.

He didn’t even make a noise while choking. My family member only realized something was wrong when it was too late and her Yorkie wasn’t moving.

This little moment has had devastating effects on my family member and she will never be the same.

This story is 100% true and is a sad reminder of how precious life is and how easy it is for something to go wrong.

A lesson we have to learn from this is:

  • Only feed your Yorkie pieces of food that are easy to swallow.

And if you have guests over at your house, make absolutely sure that they know not to feed your little Yorkie any extra food.

Last on this list of some common dangers to Yorkies in 2022 is:

4 – Other dogs

Don’t get me wrong, Yorkies can get on very well with other dogs. The problem is that other dogs can easily hurt a Yorkie.

Even if they don’t mean to.

It should go without saying that when you are out in public or in a space with other larger dogs, carry your Yorkie close to you.

All it takes is one snap of the teeth from one large dog and things can change forever.

It has happened and unfortunately can not be fully prevented as that is the nature of life.

What we CAN do however is protect OUR Yorkies and spread the word for other Yorkie owners to think about and be aware of.

Thank you for reading and please keep your Yorkies safe!


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