This Is Why Yorkies Are Better than Other Pets

This Is Why Yorkies Are Better than Other Pets featured image


I have lived with many different types of pets throughout my life.

From German Shepherds, Parrot, cats and last but certainly not least, Yorkies.

Given my experience with a range of different animals I believe I can offer some insight into the question of whether Yorkies are ‘better’ than other pets.

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Yorkshire Terriers are quite different to the other pets I’ve had the pleasure of living with.

In fact Yorkies are so different that it is no wonder why Yorkshire Terriers are so popular!

German Shepherds are also popular pets for people as they are great dogs.

When comparing a German Shepherd to a Yorkie however, it is like comparing apples and oranges.

While German Shepherds are large intimidating dogs with thick hair, Yorkies are the opposite.

Tiny body with loose flowing hair, the Yorkie is much different than most other dogs.

While most dogs shed their hair, Yorkies don’t shed their hair much if at all.

Yorkies are the absolute opposite of intimidating.

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