Are Yorkies Better Than Other Dogs?

Carol Deebel, Jayant Dayaram TheYorkieClub

I have lived with many different types of pets throughout my life.

From German Shepherds, Parrot, cats and last but certainly not least, Yorkies.

Given my experience with a range of different animals I believe I can offer some insight into the question of whether Yorkies are ‘better’ than other pets.

Image: FreeImages

Yorkshire Terriers are quite different to the other pets I’ve had the pleasure of living with.

In fact Yorkies are so different that it is no wonder why Yorkshire Terriers are so popular!

German Shepherds are also popular pets for people as they are great dogs.

When comparing a German Shepherd to a Yorkie however, it is like comparing apples and oranges.

While German Shepherds are large intimidating dogs with thick hair, Yorkies are the opposite.

Tiny body with loose flowing hair, the Yorkie is much different than most other dogs.

While most dogs shed their hair, Yorkies don’t shed their hair much if at all.

Yorkies are the absolute opposite of intimidating.

Even though their bark can be very focused and intense, when you hear the sound of a Yorkie barking it is impossible to imagine that noise coming from the mouth of a large dog!

So it should go without saying that if your reason for getting a dog is to protect your property then don’t get a Yorkie.

You’d rather do better getting a larger dog like I mentioned, a German Shepherd.

Each and every one of us is different. We have different likes and dislikes, preferences and choices.

I do believe however that Yorkies can fit the role of most of our needs in a pet.

It should be said though that a Yorkie isn’t for everyone.

If you are not at home a lot, and can’t bring your Yorkie with you when you go out then don’t get a Yorkie because Yorkies need close contact with their family.

The only negative thing about Yorkies in my opinion is their neediness.

Some people find it very cute and it absolutely is but sometimes it can be a bit much.

Cats on the other hand, are again very very different. Most cats are the opposite of needy and are very independent.

The truth is that all types of pets can be amazing to have in your home and in your life.

There is however, a guideline to follow that is in the realm with common sense.

If you are a quiet person who doesn’t like loud noise, cleaning up after animals and having a little sidekick by your side 247.

Then you probably shouldn’t get a Yorkie, a cat might be a good choice!

It also can depend at which stage you are at in your life.

I couldn’t imagine having a Yorkie when I was 20 but now as I’m a little bit older I definitely couldn’t imagine my life without my Yorkies.

So bare that in mind if you’re unsure of which pet you truly want in your life!

Make sure to know that your pet is your responsibility.

You made the decision to get a pet, so you have the duty to ensure your pet is happy, healthy and living a good life.