How Do I Know If My Yorkie Is Happy?

Desray Moss, Rose Rivera Lopez / TheYorkieClub

It’s common knowledge that Yorkies don’t speak human languages, and for good reason!

Imagine all the things they’d speak about?

“Mom, dad; food time. Let’s go. Food. Walk? Yes walk time too. Let’s go for a walk. Food and walk.? Yes please why not both??”

I think it is better that we don’t fully understand each other as it leaves a lot to the imagination.

The only real negative aspect about this lack of common communication is that we don’t fully know how they feel.

If something is wrong with us as humans we can speak about it.

We communicate about whatever it is that’s bothering us or we deal with it and sort it out ourselves!

Dogs however don’t have such a luxury.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure our dogs are happy.

Never fear though, it isn’t hard to tell if your dog is unhappy.

From incessant barking to squealing and running around unnecessarily. Dogs will try and get us to understand their woes!

Yorkies are especially communicative when they’re unhappy.

I’m sure you know this full well that if a Yorkie has something on their mind, well everybody in the neighborhood will hear about it!

Some things you can be on the lookout for:

Changes in behaviour

Photo: Rose Rivera Lopez / TheYorkieClub

One of the key identifiers of trouble is a change in your Yorkies behaviour.

All dogs absolutely love a routine. If something or someone is missing from their routine then they will be uneasy.

Some dogs do adapt better than others to changes, but all dogs have a degree of uneasiness about them if their daily routine is upended.

For example, if your Yorkie notices that before you leave the house you always go to the bathroom and pick up your keys and purse.

Then the next time you do that they’ll by instinct react accordingly.

No Yorkie wants to be separated from their parents!

Common changes in behaviour include whining or being extra needy for attention.

Another cute way Yorkies tell us not to leave the house (at least not without them!) Is that they’ll try and jump in our handbag or suitcase.

It’s hilarious!

Is your Yorkie healthy?

Just like humans, if Yorkies aren’t healthy then how can they feel good or be happy?

Besides the obvious ways to keep your Yorkies healthy like good nutrition and daily exercise.

There are some other things we can do to help our Yorkies be healthy and therefore happier.

Brush their teeth.

Brushing Yorkies teeth is essential for some people, but the truth is if your Yorkie has chewable kibble or dog biscuits then their teeth is probably fine.

The next time you are at the vet, ask them to check your Yorkies teeth to make sure they don’t have periodontal disease.

Another thing you can look out for is:

How your Yorkie acts in general

Photo: F images

Are they excited about things and eager to follow you around the house?

Are they content enough to fall asleep on your lap?

Are they happy when you give them attention?

If the answers to the above questions are more or less yes, then don’t worry!

Your Yorkie loves you and is happy.

If you are unsure, just give your Yorkie tons of love, cuddles and kisses.

Thank you for reading and please keep your Yorkies safe!

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