Cutest Yorkies Of The Day Photos #1

Get ready to melt in your seat from too many cute Yorkie faces!

Every day we search through all our user submitted Yorkie photos in TheYorkieClub and compile a list in no particular order!

Lets Go

Today we say a very special hello to 1 year old Lilly!

Chris Kneubuhl in TheYorkieClub

Isnt she just the most photogenic little Yorkie imaginable?

I truly believe so!

Below we have some more beautiful and adorable Yorkies from TheYorkieClub we know you are sure to love!

Meet 14 year old Spencer!

Submitted by Jennifer Oh / TheYorkieClub

According to Jennifer, Spencer loves to spend his time in the yard with his family.

Just look at his adorable eyes!

Meet 1.5 year old Milla

Submitted by Susie Jackson / TheYorkieClub

I could spend all day looking at these Yorkies!

Milla is so sweet looking. Her little Orange bow on her hair is like the cherry on top!

Say Ahoy there to Skipper

Submitted by Lane Gibson / TheYorkieClub

Skipper is 4 years old.

He has the most innocent look on his face I’ve ever seen.

Though we all know that behind those innocent eyes and button noses there can be some mischief!

Speaking of mischief, give a big welcome to our next Yorkie!

Hello I’m Baxter

Submitted by Tricia van Winkle / TheYorkieClub

Take a look at Baxter the Yorkie and try and convince me that Yorkies are not the world’s cutest dogs!?

That tongue sticking out is so perfect.

Chloe is model material

Submitted by Shannon Tejada / TheYorkieClub

Chloe is a 6 year old Yorkie and she deserves a special treat for posing so well on that photo!

I hope you enjoyed volume 1 of the Yorkie Of The Day series!

I’ve said it once and I will say it again.

Life is merrier with a Yorkshire Terrier!

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