Cutest Yorkies Of The Day Volume Two

A week ago we started a Yorkie Of The Day series where you submit your Yorkies to be featured.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response and have put together some of the cutest submitted photos below for you!

#1 Kai

Kai is one of the most beautiful Yorkies I’ve seen especially with his little splash of white fur on his chest.

Submitted by Jayant Dayaram

#2 Pippa

Pippa is a cute little Yorkie girl who is around six years old.

She is a rescue Yorkie and as you can tell is loving her life!

Submitted by Michael David John Coogan

#3 Timbit

Timbit has such a sweet expression on his face – we can tell he’s a happy Yorkie.

He is fourteen and a half years old and is doing very well!

Submitted by Jocelyn McIntyre

#4 Ginger

Ginger is a eight years old in this glorious photo.

I love the way she poses so perfectly for the camera!

Submitted by Raymona Pyos

#5 Peanut

Meet Peanut. He is a twelve year old Yorkie and his birthday is coming up in November.

According to the submitter, people still to this day come up to her and ask her how old her puppy is!

That’s such a cute thing about Yorkies, and all small dogs to be fair!

No matter how old they get they still look and act like adorable babies.

Submitted by Maureen Miller

#6 Maisie and Mable

In the above photo is miss Maisie, she is on vacation in the Scottish Highlands.

Maisie is twelve years old!

Below is a photo of Mable.

According to their mom, Mable is Maisie’s sidekick. Mable is four years old.

Submitted by Claire Lynch

I hope you enjoyed our Yorkies Of The Day Volume Two!

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We cannot wait to make as many volumes as possible!

This list is in no particular order, we have many photos to get through that we just wanted to share them with you all.

Please Note: All Photos are used with permission from the original submitter. No unauthorized use is allowed.

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