Are Yorkie Puppies The Cutest Puppies Ever?

Image: Belle Adele in TheYorkieClub

Which dog has the cutest puppy?

No matter who you ask, you’ll probably find a different answer for each person.

One thing is for certain though, Yorkie puppies are the cutest puppies ever.

It is true that all puppies are adorable but Yorkie puppies are something special.

Their cute clumsy nature is too adorable for mere words therefore I found a great video which shows some Yorkie puppies in action.

Watch the video below:


Now isn’t that proof of the cute, cuddly and clumsy nature of Yorkie puppies?

Absolutely! Granted, all puppies who are this young will be clumsy and cute.

Whether they are Yorkies or not.

This video was originally posted to The Yorkie Club on Facebook.

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