Dachshund and Duckling are Best of Friends

This video is something special.

Dachshunds are totally adorable little dogs and I could not help myself but feature this cute video here!

Watch the video below:


How cute was that!

Honestly if you didn’t smile during that video then please watch it again but open your eyes this time.

New friend!
Our callonetta ducks (rescued a few years ago) had laid a few eggs in our yard. Not together but all different places. She did nothing with it. I decided to put them in the incubator to see what would happen. 1 egg fertilized and hatched. We keep the little one. The coming weeks under a heat lamp and if he/she is big and strong enough outside and quietly get used to our ducks. In 1 week he/she will take the first bath.


Thank you for watching and please be sure to share this with friends and family.

I know it will make them smile!

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