Tiny Yorkie Terrorizes Sheep on Farm

This Yorkshire Terrier is Excellent Sheep Herder featured image

SOURCE: Alta van Staden / Facebook

This Yorkshire Terrier in the below video has the courage of a lion.

Never in my life would I have ever thought that a tiny Yorkie could possibly outshine a Border Collie on the farm.

Prepare to have your eyes shocked, because the following video shows us that it’s possible.

The Yorkshire Terrier in the video below literally herds sheep with his dad the farmer, along with the other farm workers!

I don’t think I have ever been more amazed and enthralled in my life.



This video should totally win best Yorkie video of 2022. Maybe ever!

A Yorkie who herds sheep. Now, we have truly seen it all.

Can we honestly say we are that surprised though?

Yorkies are well-known for their huge personalities, fearlessness and audacity.

You can tell this Yorkie has been doing this a while and is totally unafraid of these massive sheep!

Some people have commented saying these are actually goats.

No, these are sheep. If these were goats then this Yorkie would not get away with this because sheep are much more docile.

These sheep have obviously been shaved of their wool!

I just love this video so much I’ve probably sent it to all my friends and family. It’s amazing!

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I know for a fact this video will brighten anybody’s day ❤️


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