Yorkie Puppy Outsmarts Indoor Fence

Source: Schenekia Washington (TheYorkieClub)

Have you ever tried using an indoor fence to stop your Yorkie from getting somewhere?

Believe it or not, these indoor fences are quite common and are usually used to prevent small dogs or babies from leaving a certain room.

The whole point of these fences are to form a makeshift temporary barrier.

In the video below however, a little Yorkie puppy was able to outmanoeuvre the pesky fence and totally bypass the barrier!

Watch the video below, I know you are going to laugh.

I told you that video would make you laugh. The total ease at which Bear the Yorkie passed through the barrier is hilarious.

“Hey Bear. You weren’t supposed to be able to fit through that.”

I can hear Bear the Yorkie puppy’s mom holding the camera and she is not pleased.

Honestly I can not help but laugh!

Bear makes his way through the fence with ease.

His human brother standing behind him in the beginning of the frame.

The cute little puppy comes towards his momma holding the camera and plays with his little toy!

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Why are Yorkies so cute? It has to be a combination of their innocence, tiny size and of course, their antics and personality.

Never fear though, Bear the Yorkie will soon grow and become big enough to be held up by the indoor fence.

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