12 Year Old Yorkie Still Acts Like a Puppy

12 Year Old Yorkie Still Acts Like a Puppy featured image

Source: Michelle Murray / The Yorkie Club

What is it about dogs that make them so full of life?

It could be their simplicity in only worrying about important things like food and love etc.

Or it could be that they simply realize that life is so full of hope and happiness.

Either way, the video we featured below is totally adorable and it shows a twelve year old Yorkie behaving like a little puppy!

The video is below, see for yourself:

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I told you that Yorkie was adorable. The way he chases the balloon and doesn’t ever stop.

It is just so precious. The other thing about this Yorkie that I love so much is his little bark.

It really is one of the cutest barks I have ever heard from a Yorkie!

The amazing thing about this Yorkie is that he is, as I mentioned, twelve years old.

A twelve year old Yorkie is usually the type of Yorkie to take it a little easier, maybe be a little grumpier but definitely not as energetic and playful as this little guy.

Yorkshire Terriers usually live to the age of sixteen years old, though even that is the end of the spectrum.

That being said however, I have heard of a Yorkshire Terrier living until the age of twenty eight.

The twenty eight year old Yorkie’s name was Bonny, from Leeds, UK.

“We’ve had Bonny for 25 years and she is still going strong. Apart from a few lumps and bumps, Bonny is fine. She is very sprightly and still goes for two walks a day.” Said Kath in 2011.

So imagine that! A Yorkie made it all the way to twenty eight.

Small dogs are known to live longer than other bigger dogs but twenty eight is truly something amazing!

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