Yorkie Can’t Hide Guilt After Getting in Trouble

Source: Clo Lopez / The Yorkie Club

In the following video we have a Yorkshire Terrier who not only knows they are in trouble but is unable to contain their guilt.

It is truly one of the funniest videos I have seen in recent weeks and I know you’re going to laugh too.

Yorkies have a way to put a smile on our face that is unlike any other animal.

Watch the video below:

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Now I am not too sure what exactly this Yorkie did to evoke such a response from them but they sure know they made a mistake.

Their little display of their teeth says it all.

The Yorkie is overwhelmed with guilt, whatever this Yorkie did I am sure it wasn’t too bad.

Hence why they are being filmed rather than reprimanded.

After watching the video for a third time I actually realized this Yorkie peed on the floor!

Poor little Yorkie, it definitely is a mess that mom/dad has to clean up now.

We all know Yorkies are a bit dramatic at times, so this is not a totally surprising incident.

Has your Yorkie ever done something similar?

Let us know in the comments section because I would love to know!

In fact the next time your Yorkie does anything remotely similar to this, be sure to film it!

After filming it, upload the video to our Yorkie Club on Facebook!

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As mentioned, we all know Yorkshire Terriers can be a tad dramatic.

Did a car drive past the house?

Did the mailman walk past?

What about someone simply going for a jog?

Well, all of these incident require the absolute attention and inspection! At least, according to your Yorkie that is.

Some Yorkies will even go crazy and bark at the mere sound of strong winds outside.

I think you get the picture. In fact, if you are a Yorkie parent then I am almost fully positive that you can totally relate.

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