Yorkie Powered Skateboard

This Yorkie is so full of energy that they easily tow their human sister on a skateboard!

Watch the video below:


Without a doubt one of the most endearing things about a Yorkie is their level of energy.

Who could have predicted such a small body could contain such a large amount of energy!?

Well, all Yorkie owners know that Yorkies are way bigger than their small appearance.

The Yorkshire Terrier in the featured video is a prime example of this in action.

I love this video for multiple reasons, one reason is that this Yorkie is obviously enjoying themselves.

The second reason this video is so awesome is because it is such a cool idea and unique way of exercising your Yorkie.

How often have you seen a skateboarder or any kind of rider being towed by such a small animal?

I don’t think another video like this exists!

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One thing you as a Yorkie owner should know is that Yorkies need exercise. They have a lot of energy and if that energy isn’t released in a positive way, bad things can happen.

It is actually the same for us as humans.

We were never meant to sit in a chair all day and do nothing.

Humans were meant to move and be active, if we don’t get active at least every once in a while then our stress levels and toxins in our body rise.

The same mindset should be adopted for raising children.

If you have children you need to be a responsible parent and make sure your child is active.

One of the most damaging things a parent can do to their child is let them not get exercise nor eat healthy.

Yorkies are just like children.

So when you see your Yorkie looking anxious and acting strangely, maybe all they need is a good walk or game of fetch.

Do not worry about over exerting your Yorkie, they will stop moving when they are too tired and that is when you know they have expelled their pent up energy.