3 Year Old Yorkie Passes Away from Kidney Failure…


“Little Tobias went into kidney failure and couldn’t be saved. I held him as he returned to his creator. My heart is broken. He was only 3 years old.”

Rest in peace Tobias…

Featured below is a beautiful poem written by unknown, it is for all those who have lost a Yorkie or any furbaby that meant a lot to you.

My First Day In Heaven

It’s my first day in heaven,

And what a beautiful place,

You’ll be glad to know,

There’s a smile upon my face,

The moment I left you,

Two angels in white,

Carried me up here,

To heaven that night.

All those stories you hear,

About rainbow bridge are true,

But you don’t walk over it,

The angels carried me through,

There’s a gate at the end,

Made of pearl,

It has got to be the biggest gate,

In the world!

Once I got in and started looking around,

You just won’t believe all the things that I found!

The first place they took me,

Had to be the most fun,

A humongous field,

With miles to run!

Once I was tired the angels said,

We’ll take you to your home,

But first we need to stop by this place

Full of tasty bones,

They told me to take one with me,

But one is all I need,

Because every good thing lasts forever,

Up in heaven you see,

They took me to my new house,

It took my breath away,

Most beautiful place I’ve ever seen,

With a huge yard to play,

They said come on lets go inside ,

And have a look around,

They took me to the bottom floor,

You won’t believe what I found,

The bottom of my house is a window

And you won’t believe the view,

See my house it sets right over yours,

So I can still keep an eye on you!

I was so worried about you,

When I went away,

Now I can watch you every second,

And know that you are okay!

I can’t wait for that moment,

When we can walk around this place,

And I can cover you with

puppy kisses,

On every inch of your face!

~ Unknown

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