Adorable Yorkie Compilation Video

Yorkshire Terriers are one of a kind.

It is not just their adorable looks that we love so much but add to that a lovable and excitable personality and we have the world’s cutest dog.

Obviously this is in my humble unbiased opinion.

Though don’t take my word for it, below we featured a total Yorkie compilation worth watching.

Watch the adorable Yorkie video compilation below:

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As I said Yorkies are totally one of a kind.

Not many other dog breeds match up to the Yorkshire Terrier.

Other dog breeds can try. They may look adorable, have undoubtedly quirky personality traits and owners who love them just as we do!

Yorkies however, are the greatest dog of them all.

I’ve seen countless videos of dogs and the Yorkie has the highest chance of making me laugh or smile.

As mentioned I am totally unbiased, never mind the fact I have three Yorkies of my own!

My personal favorite part of this video is right in the very beginning when the Yorkie thinks she isn’t allowed inside, or she thinks the sliding door is actually closed when in reality it is open.

She just gets more and more excited to come in but doesn’t come in. It is so cute!

Seeing her wag her little tail and bark while staring at her mommy, I am totally in love.

You should show this video to anyone who thinks Yorkies are not actually the cutest dogs, they will surely change their tune. Guaranteed!

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