Family in Hollywood Desperately Searching for Stolen Yorkie, Ted

Family in Hollywood Desperately Searching for Stolen Yorkie, Ted featured image


After leaving Ted the Yorkshire Terrier in their SUV for a few minutes, a family came back to find their little furry family member had been stolen.

All it took was a few minutes between getting out of their car and returning with takeout food.

Suddenly Ted the Yorkie was nowhere to be seen.

With shattered glass all over the car and the sidewalk floor, it was obvious what had occurred here.

A brazen theft had occurred. Only it wasn’t a replaceable material item that was stolen, it was a living breathing member of their family.

“He’s my best friend.” Said Ted’s brother who is still a child.

The Yorkie was kept in the SUV while the family locked the car and went across the street to buy takeout food.

Security camera of a nearby business captured the moment when another car pulled up and stopped right next to the SUV.

An occupant got out of the car and walked toward the SUV’s right side window.

Without hesitating the window was smashed and the Yorkie was taken.

You can watch CBS coverage as well as the Security camera footage below:

The thieves were caught on camera breaking into an SUV and stealing their Yorkshire Terrier.

This story is still developing and we shared it to inform all of the Yorkie owners who come to this site.

The message is clear: KEEP YOUR YORKIES SAFE.

People look at Yorkies and know they are expensive. Criminals will buy purebred Yorkies from common thieves to breed them and churn out profit.

These stolen Yorkies are forced to mate with other stolen Yorkies so that puppies can be sold at prices that can go above $4000.

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Source: CBS NEWS

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