Benji the Yorkie Loves the Snow

Ever since Benji was brought into the house, a snow storm hadn’t yet arrived until now.

I can remember as a child my first experience in the snow. It was truly magical.

The nail biting yet fresh cold weather, the new texture of snow on my hands, the pure white horizon.

I think everybody should experience snow at least once in their life, dogs included!

Below we get to watch Benji’s first time in the snow. See how he reacts and deals with the cold temperature.

Watch the video below:

Does your Yorkshire Terrier ever play in the snow?

It is not that common for Yorkshire Terriers to enjoy snow, believe it or not.

Their natural flowing hair makes it difficult for their bodies to insulate themselves.

Therefore, they get cold quite easily.

However, we know that Yorkies are versatile and each has their own unique personality.

Some Yorkies are even able to “tough it out” for the sake of the new experience.

This is exactly how my Yorkie is, totally a tough boy!

Most Yorkies I have met in real life though are a little bit wary of the snow.

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