Yorkie is mad at dad. Wont give him toy!

The Yorkie in the video below is a Yorkie with a fiery personality.

Dad is playing with her trying to grab the toy and she is simply not having it!

It is truly hilarious listening to the little growls this Yorkie does.


“No hateful comments please. Some may think she is poorly trained but she is jumping playfully wagging her tail. She is a puppy. I will not be punish her and train her without any fun in it! She is my dog and i am editting this post 8 years later to let you all know she grew up to be a beautiful, happy, playful dog. yes she sometimes eats table food, yes she growls with her toys, and yes she is healthy and has one of a kind personality!

people: don’t listen to the media and this advice that consiers to be the “norm”. Dogs aren’t robots. They deserve love and some spoiledness. If youre constantly training your dog in a serious, demanding and unrewarding way, you will not have a happy dog. Let them have their personality. They go on their own pace. Otherwise you’re programming yourself a robot who will just obey you not having any feelings of their own.

Hope you enjoy a little laugh here from baby Roxy 9 years ago!!”