Yorkie Mikki Loves Belly Rubs

There is something truly adorably unique about an adorable little dog lying on their back hoping you rub their belly.

Mikki the Yorkie is an exemplary case of this!

He is so cute the way he just lies around knowing mommy will give him cuddles and belly rubs.

When people ask me why I love Yorkshire Terriers so much I always refer to videos like this.

I wish all humans could experience the joy a Yorkie can bring into their lives, I am pretty sure the overall happiness of the world and the human race would drastically increase.

Watch the adorable video below ❤️

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It is not often a video can be both adorable and relaxing.

Sure, you can search the internet for videos that meet this criteria but it might be pretty hard.

After all, the internet is filled with algorithms that prioritize distressing hateful content over heartwarming content like this video.

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