The Truth About Yorkies: 6 Things You Can’t Ignore When You Own One

Having a Yorkshire Terrier in your life is like having a tiny, furry comedian around all the time. They’re always up to something silly, whether it’s after bath zoomies or barking at their reflection.

And let’s not forget how cute they are! It’s impossible not to smile when you see those big, innocent eyes staring up at you. Plus, they’re the perfect size for carrying around in a purse, if you’re into that sort of thing. Just be careful not to accidentally sit on them!

Below are some adorable realities we all as Yorkie owners must face:

1. I am Your Child Therefore I come First. 

Photo: Vanessa Mason/The Yorkie Club

Whether you have human children who’ve already grown up, or have never had kids – the result is exactly the same. 

Your Yorkie knows that they are your child now and you are their parent. 

Whatever you do, put your Yorkie first. 

Thinking of bringing a new spouse home? 

Let your Yorkie know about it. Or there will be heck to pay! 

Oh and don’t even think about bringing home another dog. 

I guess Yorkies will eventually get over it if you bring home another dog but they won’t be too thrilled with the idea. Best to consult them first. 

No exceptions. 

Photo: Colette Olicia Scott/The Yorkie Club

2. Don’t Eat Food and Expect Me Not To Notice. 

Photo: Michelle Tibor/The Yorkie Club

I don’t know how many times I’ve caught my Yorkie staring at me from obscure angles while I’m about to take a mouthful of food. 

It is as if he’s saying: “By the way I exist and I demand just a little taste.” 

Despite keeping my Yorkies well fed they never seem to be truly full. 

Granted, not all Yorkies are obsessed with food but a lot of them are. 

Always keep a box of treats or their favorite food around the house so when you eat they can eat too, 

And you won’t have to worry about upsetting their digestive systems or feel bad about them just watching you eat! 

3. What is That Thing Called Privacy? 

Photo: Sharon Karlsson Simmons/The Yorkie Club

Honestly I truly forgot that word even existed. 

Ever since my Yorkies came into my home I am never alone. Ever. 

Even if you close the door you can see their little shadows sneaking under the doorframe. It is pretty hilarious. 

That being said I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

I love my Yorkies and if you are a person who loves to be alone it’s probably best you get a cat or something. 

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