Adorable Yorkie Meets Newborn Baby Sister

Bringing a new family member home is an important moment in any household.

Sometimes the best reaction you can get is simple curiosity.

Over time of course, that curiosity turns into friendship and love!

We discovered this video on YouTube and the whole situation is adorable.

Mia the Yorkie’s parents came home one day with another human, a baby!

At first, Mia was just happy to see mom and dad come home.

Then Mia got to meet her little sister and it is such a cute video I know you’re going to enjoy it.

Take a look below to see Mia’s reaction to her newborn sister:

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I totally love how mom is holding the camera while dad introduces Mia to their newborn baby.

Videos like this make me smile even in the darkest times.

I wish there was an update video as this video is a few years old.

However, I am confident that this adorable little family is living their best lives!

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