Chloe the wonder Yorkie can swim and surf

Get ready to watch one of YouTube’s cutest Yorkshire Terriers – Chloe!!

She will adore you with her talent and nature.

In the video below she is filmed swimming, sporting her sunglasses as well as surfing.

Well standing on a tiny surfboard in a pool – still counts!

It isn’t too often we get to see a well-produced Yorkie video like this so I know you will love it.

Enjoy the video below:

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I am so in love with Chloe, not only is she just a little ray of sunshine but her mom is so good at spoiling her!

From sunglasses, doggy surf board, cute clothing accessories and even a pacifier. (LOL)

Another thing about that video I truly enjoy is her theme song.

“I’m just a little dog… My name is Chloe, Polka Dot!” such a fitting intro to such a cute Yorkie.

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