Sleepy Yorkie Gets Tucked Into Bed by Daddy

One thing all dog owners can agree on is that dogs like to play, eat and of course sleep.

A dilemma arises however, when your dog is so cute you couldn’t bare to let them sleep anywhere other than your bed.

A solution is simply tucking them into bed like you would a human child!

It is honestly so adorable.

Yorkies can’t be blamed for being perfect angels, it just comes naturally.

Below we featured a video of a loving human dad tucking his little Yorkie into bed.

Along with the music, this video is truly special!

Watch the video below:

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As I said Yorkies cannot help it, they just give off an aura of cuteness that not many other dogs can replicate.

If you agree with this you probably own a Yorkie or two yourself.

Or should I rather say, you are owned BY your Yorkies instead! LOL

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