Yorkie Saves Child From Two Home Intruders

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Starla the Yorkie protects her best friend – a little girl, when robbers try and cause a lot of trouble. Small dogs are smart and love their family just as much as large dogs. And there is nothing that says a small dog can’t be a guard dog just like a big dog!

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And it is especially true when it comes to Yorkies.

Not even a massive St Bernard dog could scare a Yorkie, much less two foolish humans who want to commit crime.

Yorkies are truly the greatest breed on earth, why else would they be so popular?

The answer is obvious to all of us who know.

A Yorkie is more than just a cute little munchkin, but a tenacious, feisty, loving and of course daring mixture of cuteness and boldness.

Don’t let their size fool you, a Yorkie can lay down their life for you if they think you’ll be in danger!

It reminds me of that story of a Brave Yorkie who saves her human sister from a Coyote attack.

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