14 Reasons Yorkies Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breed Of All Time

When it comes to Yorkshire Terriers, there are certain facts that we can’t deny about them.

Read more below to have a smile and a laugh!

#1 They’re Only Using You.

Photo: Diane Harrison / The Yorkie Club

Whether it be getting extra treats or extra-long belly rubs, your Yorkies are really good at manipulating us.

#2 Can I be Any Clearer?

Photo: Beverly Armentrout / The Yorkie Club

#3 They’re using you to have a warm bed at night.

Photo: Katie Lynn Wilson / The Yorkie Club

#4 They pretend to be cute…

Photo: Stephnie Wayne / The Yorkie Club

#5 …but really, deep down inside, they’re plotting ways to take over the house.

#6 Look! They’ve already begun.

Photo: Joy Kunshier / The Yorkie Club

#7 What did I tell you??

Photo: Alan Okuno / The Yorkie Club

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