My Expensive ‘Pure Breed’ Teacup Yorkie Turned Out to Be a Surprise

Get ready to be shocked! A dog owner who purchased an adorable black and brown furred pup named Bentley for nearly $2,000 was left stunned when her beloved pet underwent a startling transformation. In a viral TikTok video, the cute canine turned unrecognizable as it lost almost all of its fur and turned completely grey.

Credit: tiktok/@nekaylahhh

The devastated owner, Kaylahh, believes that she was scammed by the woman who sold her the “pure breed” teacup Yorkie. She shared the video, which has since gone viral, claiming that she was sold “some type of mixed breed” instead of the dog she was promised.

Kaylahh is suing the woman who sold her Bentley, and the video has garnered hundreds of comments from people who have had similar experiences. It seems like scams involving the sale of dogs are becoming increasingly common.

Credit: tiktok/@nekaylahhh

In another viral video, a purebred Goldendoodle pup named Porter was initially brown when the owner purchased him. However, clumps of his fur soon started falling out, leaving him entirely white. The owner, who spent around £1,700, believed she had been sold a dog who had been dyed.

This is a cautionary tale for all potential dog owners. Do your research and be wary of buying expensive purebred dogs, as you may not always get what you paid for.

Credit: tiktok/@nekaylahhh

As mentioned, a lot of dog scams are increasingly common on the internet with a large portion of scammers coming from Africa as it is an easy way to make a lot of money and the chances of getting caught are very low.

As a manager of a large Facebook audience dedicated to dogs and Yorkies in particular, I have seen firsthand hundreds of people getting scammed and thousands of scammers preying upon innocent people.

The problem with trusting someone over the internet is that you have absolutely no idea who they could be behind the screen.

Believe it or not but a lot of people have absolutely no morals and absolutely no shame.

It is extremely easy to copy, paste and steal photos from real people and place those photos into your profile picture. All in an attempt to manipulate you and scam you.

A lot of people fall in love with the stolen photos of puppies they see on the internet and are willing to send money to total strangers because of their strong emotions when they see the cute photos.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • The “breeder” wants payment through shady apps like Cashapp, Venmo, Walmart giftcards or even cryptocurrency.
  • The “breeder” is replying to your comments on Facebook trying to get you to “buy their puppies” or “rehome their puppy”.
  • You get encouraged to join a Facebook group where puppies are routinely advertised with a small “adoption fee”.

If you are worried you may have gotten scammed, be sure to report the “breeder” on Facebook (note that it is unlikely anything will happen, I myself have made over 100 Facebook reports and absolutely nothing comes of it.)

Make sure you contact your bank and tell them to block the transaction.

Contact law enforcement and/or the FTC(or other similar anti-fraud agency in your country) and tell them you have been scammed and want the money trail to be investigated and your money returned.

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