Yorkshire Terrier’s Adorable Reaction to Mom Coming Home: A Heartwarming Video

Coming Home to my Yorkie featured image

Photo: YouTube

Below we have featured a totally adorable video for you all to enjoy!

In the video, an adorable little Yorkshire Terrier is filmed reacting to her momma coming home from the store.

Mom films herself as she enters the house, goes upstairs and finally opens the door!

There her little adorable Yorkie baby is happily delighted at her return, ready with her toy in her mouth and super excited now that mommy is finally home.

Watch the video below, it is sure to make you smile:

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One of the best things about owning a small dog like a Yorkshire Terrier is whenever you have to depart from them they always manage to become ecstatic when we arrive.

Just ask any Yorkie owner and all of them should agree!

We all have to leave the house at some stage during the week, unless you’re lucky and can have things delivered to you 24 / 7.

Coming home to an empty house is just so different that it is actually quite sad.

Coming home to a house with a Yorkie waiting for you is the opposite of sad – pure bliss!

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