Unconditional Love: Watch as Dad Pampers His Adorable Yorkie in Heartwarming Video

In the video featured below, a cute little Yorkie named Tilly receives belly rubs and some cute conversation from daddy.

This video makes me miss my Yorkie named Daisy who I had until she passed away two years ago.

I guarantee this Yorkie and her daddy will make you smile – and one can never have too many smiles in their day!

Watch the video below:

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I still remember my little Daisy, how she would roll over just like the one in the video.

I’d stick my hand out and she’d prepare for the cutest belly rubs ever, this video brings back those memories!

If you have lost a Yorkie I would suggest you read this next, it is a heartfelt tribute to pet owners who have had to deal with such loss.

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