Community Outrage: Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Endures Horrific Abuse at Mong Kok Vet Clinic

Recently, netizens expressed their outrage after a nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier was discovered with skull fractures and cerebral contusions at a Mong Kok veterinary clinic.

The clinic, operated by Non-Profit Making Veterinary Services Society Ltd, posted on Facebook, stating that they had received the dog a day earlier, suspected to have been abused.

Upon examination, the Yorkshire Terrier was diagnosed with depressed skull fractures and cerebral contusions. An immediate operation was required, during which 18 skull fragments were removed.

The society noted that the injuries were suspicious and suspected abuse. They reported the case to the police, who are currently investigating the incident.

This incident shows us that not all animal owners are good people, and we must be wary of dogs and other pets that may seem distressed.

Animals require proper care and attention, and any signs of abuse should be reported immediately. The Non-Profit Making Veterinary Services Society Ltd urges the public to take action to prevent animal abuse.


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