Family Grieves After Yorkshire Terrier Escapes DayCare and is Run-over by Car

Photo: Matthew Norwood

In a tragic incident, a Yorkshire Terrier named Bobby died after escaping from a pet day care center, leaving the dog owner devastated.

Matthew Norwood, the owner of Bobby, received a call from Gillian Bell, the owner of Country Clip Dog Grooming & Day Care, informing him that Bobby had gone missing during exercise time on February 1.

Photo: Matthew Norwood

Despite forming a search party and spending over two hours searching, Bobby could not be found before it became too dark to continue. Later that evening, Matthew received a call from a driver who had accidentally hit and killed Bobby on a dual carriageway. Matthew and his family were devastated by the news.

Matthew and his wife were even preparing Bobby for the arrival of their new baby.

Photo: Matthew Norwood

Matthew discovered that the boarding center had inadequate security, consisting of chicken wire and sheep fencing, which he claims he would not have allowed had he known. He expressed his guilt over taking Bobby to the day care and blamed the business for failing to keep their dog safe.

Matthew also highlighted the lack of regulations for home boarding facilities in Northern Ireland and called for the implementation of laws to hold such businesses accountable.

Photo: Matthew Norwood

Gillian Bell, the proprietor of Country Clip Dog Grooming & Day Care, stated that she was unsure how Bobby escaped and admitted that the field area was not completely secure.

She explained that owners were informed about the secure areas and had the choice to allow their dogs off the leash.

Gillian had noticed Bobby missing while taking photographs of the other dogs and immediately began searching for him.

Photo: Matthew Norwood

The tragic loss of Bobby has left the family grieving and longing for more accountability in the pet care industry.

It is such a sad story and a totally avoidable situation, if the owners of the daycare facility were in any way competent this could have never occurred.

It is obvious Matthew and his family love their little Yorkie, Bobby, with all their heart and cared very much for him.

I hope they can soon find the peace they deserve in these troubling circumstances.

Rest in peace Bobby.


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