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Welcome to YorkieHome, I am positive you are here for one reason. That reason is obviously the fact that you love Yorkshire Terriers!

YorkieHome is a home for owners & enthusiasts of Yorkies to stop, relax and enjoy high quality Yorkie content.

We are embedded across social media including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

No doubt you know this already or you wouldn’t be here!

We acquire original home made Yorkie Videos and stories to compile and share with all those across the globe who love Yorkies and other dogs.

The basis of the internet is to share ideas and information. As well as to stay in contact.

We exemplify this in the following ways:

Sourcing fresh home made Yorkie videos and acquiring permission from the owners, then finally sharing our opinion and publishing these hidden gems of positivity and happiness with the world.

PLEASE stay updated with our work:


We are committed to increasing the quality of people and their Yorkies’ lives. We only publish content that is engaging and in as many ways as possible, adds value to the user or reader.

Originality is a core value here at YorkieHome. It is so important that we communicate in a responsible and sustainable way in all circumstances.

We enjoy spending our time finding and publishing wonderful original videos and stories and only want out readers to enjoy their time spent here. Please contact us with any suggestions!

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