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YorkieHome and any other titles associated with our online network strive for original, ethically sourced video and article content which provides wholesome value for the Yorkie lover.

What does this mean?

We acquire permission to use video or photographic content and then write articles about them and publish for our network of Yorkie lovers to enjoy.

Media content is at all times, unless unavailable or unnecessary, credited back to the original cinematographer.

Note: Since this website and other associated platforms and sub platforms are about dogs, and specifically Yorkshire Terriers;

We do not publish information that is medically or scientifically verified, and notify users as such. Advice, suggestions or information published here is no substitute for a relationship with a qualified licensed veterinary practice.

Content Removal

If your video or photographic content is submitted and published on any of our platforms especially this Website property, and you would like us to remove it – please email us: [email protected] + [email protected]

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