Who Should & Shouldn’t Get a Yorkie

Media: Pixabay

I know that the answer to the question posited in the title is a complicated one.

For example you may want a dog to look after your property, to add to your family or as a service dog.

The truth is that there are countless reasons for why someone would want a new dog.

Where do Yorkies fit in?

Yorkies are a well rounded dog that make up for their tiny size with their loud audio and large tenacity.

What do I mean by this?

I mean if you need a dog to guard your property, a Yorkie may not be the most obvious or suitable choice.

However, while they won’t stop a group of armed robbers they will certainly alert you to their presence.

Not only their presence but the presence of literally everything.

Maybe don’t choose a Yorkie if your primary reason for getting a dog is to protect your property!

On the other hand, Yorkies are an excellent choice in most other scenarios.

Need a service dog? No problem, Yorkies are excellent service dogs due to their high intelligence, curiosity and desire to please.

Are you searching for a dog to be by your side?

You need not look any further.

A Yorkie is not only the perfect choice for a family but especially the single person who wants a little happy companion in their life.

I cannot stress enough how much my little Yorkies have improved my life.

If I didn’t have my Yorkies my house would be a lot quieter, sadder and a lot less fun!

Yorkies are the perfect dog for the modern person. Whether you’re a single human living alone in the city.

Or whether you’re a family on a farm – Yorkies fit well in both scenarios.

I’m sure if you are interested in Yorkies you know full well how adorable they look.

I’m here to tell you that not only do they look adorable, it is the combination of their look with their child like attitude that creates the most perfect little dog.

Just whatever you do, please make sure to take extra special care of your little Yorkie baby.

They depend on you!

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