This Yorkie Knows How Adorable She Is

This Yorkie Knows How Adorable She Is featured image


Have you ever been told once you get a Yorkie you’ll have two shadows?

Well what that means is that you will probably be followed around all the time.

One thing Yorkies are known for is loving spending as much time with you as possible.

So if you go out for a drive to the shop, it makes sense that your Yorkie would totally want to join you.

In the video below we get to witness an absolutely adorable Yorkshire Terrier named Izzy chilling in the passenger seat with mom in the car.

Watch the video below:

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Now many people do drive with their dogs in the car with them but some people opt to use a dog seat carrier.

A dog seat carrier is a little seat specially designed for small dogs to be safe and localized to one area in the car.

In case of any emergency like a collision, the dog should be spared any major thrashing and bashing that comes with it.

Now you won’t need a dog seat carrier all the time, if you are driving slowly or in a very calm area you can totally put your Yorkie on the seat with no worries.

However, if you travel in any high speed or busy area then I would definitely suggest getting a highly rated dog seat carrier.

In fact, I scoured Amazon and found one specifically for small dogs and extra protection.

Take a look below:

You can buy the Yorkie Car Seat here.

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