From Yorkie to Billy Goat: Hilarious Transformation of $2000 ‘Pure’ Breed Yorkie Goes Viral

A popular TikTok user, known as @fainaomi to her followers, recently shared a hilarious video that left her fans in stitches. The video featured her $2000 “pure” breed Yorkie that she purchased.

The clip started with an adorable image of the puppy in a carry case and then shifted to the pup wearing a white t-shirt and going for a walk. However, the real shock came when the video showed a snap of the dog in a room, looking thin and with light matted fur, resembling more of a billy goat than a Yorkie.

Fai’s fans were left baffled and amused by the bizarre transformation, with many commenting on the post. Some followers even joked about the situation, suggesting that Fai should try putting the dog in the dryer to see if it would shrink.

One fan related to the story and shared their experience of owning a dog that started as a Yorker and ended up becoming a billy goat.

Here’s the video:


Uhh idk this man your honor …

♬ original sound – felix

Usually, Fai is known for posting hair and beauty videos on TikTok. However, this dog-goat clip left her followers in shock. This isn’t the first time a dog owner has been scammed by a breeder. Several dog lovers have shared their experiences of purchasing a purebred dog, only to realise that the dog is something completely different.

One owner documented her purebred sausage dog’s growth, only to discover that she had been scammed in the sale. Another owner spent £1,700 on a goldendoodle puppy, which turned out to have dyed fur.

Fai’s hilarious video may have left her fans in stitches, but it also highlights the need to be careful when purchasing a dog.

It’s essential to research the breeder and check the dog’s lineage to ensure that you’re getting what you paid for.

Always be extra alert when it comes to searching for and buying puppies – the internet is not a good place to search for one.

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