How To Tell If Your Yorkie Loves You

For most Yorkie owners, trying to figure out if your Yorkie loves you is probably not a concern.

The reason is because there are many ways in which Yorkies show us that they love us.

Dogs can’t communicate with words like you and I, they do however have other ways to communicate.

The most obvious methods they use are barking and wagging their tails.

On a general level that makes sense but how can we as humans know for sure what they feel?

Your Yorkie cuddles up to you

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Anyone who has lived with a Yorkie knows that they love to cuddle.

Whether it be on your lap or under your blanket they’ll find a way to be close to you.

Your Yorkie gets sad when you leave

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It is a commonly known fact that pretty much all dogs get sad when their owner leaves.

Yorkies however get very sad, they can’t understand why you’d leave and not bring them with!

As tempting as it is to bring your Yorkie with you absolutely everywhere, sometimes there are places where they simply can’t go.

You can tell if your Yorkie loves you if they behave differently when you begin to leave the house.

Your Yorkie rejoices when you return

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As discussed above, Yorkies take it really hard when you as their parent leave them.

Though don’t feel too bad because the joy they feel when you return is awe inspiring.

I’ve never felt more loved than when I walk through the front door of my house and my Yorkies greet me with absolutely amazing amounts of kisses and cuddles.

They stare at you

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Your Yorkies will look at you whenever you do something, whether it is get up from the couch or answer the phone.

One way to tell if your Yorkie loves you is the way they look at you.

If they are not scared or sad they’ll look at you with a look of contentment.

Followed by a look of love.

All dog owners know that look!

Your Yorkie checks on you

We all have bad days. Those of us with Yorkies however, are better prepared to face those bad days than other people.

The reason for that is because Yorkies are very intelligent and aware of our emotions.

Yorkies are also dogs that get very excited very quickly.

Sometimes this can mean instant barking and energy.

One thing I have noticed is that before my Yorkies go ahead and go crazy with excitement they look at me to see my reaction.

If I’m not shocked or concerned about whatever it is that is causing the excitement then they will go wild!

My neighbors probably dislike me but that ship sailed before I got my Yorkies so I’m not too worried about that!


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