These Yorkies Know How to Have Fun

Daniella Hildabridle DeMas in TheYorkieClub

In the following video we have a special moment that was captured for us to enjoy!

Lola and Maile the Yorkies are two adorable siblings who were filmed by their mama playing together in an adorable way.

Watch the video below:

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I’ve probably watched that video seven times if I am being honest.

I absolutely adore the way these two Yorkies play together.

I read a quote once that dogs are the embodiment of innocence.

Watching Yorkies have fun is a true testament to that.

I sometimes wish I was a Yorkie. Or any animal without the stresses of life.

Granted, animals have to deal with life’s stress as well. But animals have a way of letting go of the insignificant stress.

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Animals are only concerned about their family and their immediate environment.

Animals, and Yorkies especially, do not waste time thinking about the bad decisions they made, or other regrets that we as humans are totally unable to stop ruminating over.

I do hope you enjoyed this video.

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