Yorkie Performs Perfectly Graceful Swan Dive

Michelle McCann Maynard / TheYorkieClub

When was the last time you saw a graceful swan dive?

Personally, I can’t remember.

Maybe it was during the Olympics.

Regardless, below we have a Yorkie who should win a gold medal.

WATCH The Video Below!


This is adorable, almost too adorable to put into words.

I don’t know many Yorkies who swim regularly but this Yorkie is totally talented.

Speaking of talented, you should totally check out that Yorkie who we recently featured that is a sheep herder!

WATCH: Yorkie Is An Excellent Sheep Herder

I just love the way Yorkies get involved with our human activities.

It is not only adorable but it makes our lives better in numerous ways.

From bonding with us as a family to helping us enjoy our favorite pastimes, dogs improve our lives tremendously.

Please share this adorable video with friends and family!

I know they’d love to see it.

It is so special and cute watching Yorkies swim.

I’ll feature another video below of a Yorkie who loves to swim in case you want to see more!

WATCH: Adorable Yorkie Loves to Swim

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