Yorkie Puppy Attacks Baby 

There are certain videos that are so timeless they deserve to be seen by all. 

The video of a Yorkie puppy “attacking” this human baby is one of those videos. 

I am sure you have already seen this video once before but if you haven’t, you are in for quite the adorable treat. 

Watch the amazing video below:

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Now you know exactly what Im talking about! 

That video is an absolute classic and will never get old. 

Even though it was first uploaded 12 years ago it is truly a magnificent video. 

It is no wonder as to why it has received millions upon millions of views. 

My favorite part is in the middle when the baby is laughing having fun and the puppy is doing the same. 

Whoever the genius was who came up with the idea to put an adorable baby and an adorable puppy in the same video deserves all of our thanks! 

Whenever life gets a little sad and I feel down I make sure to watch videos like these. 

The joy videos like these bring to our lives cannot be understated. 

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