Abandoned and Alone: Three Yorkies Find Hope at Rescue Shelter

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Photo: Pennine Animal Welfare Society

In a heartwarming display of compassion, the Pennine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) came to the rescue of three neglected Yorkies who were left without an owner.

The frightened little dogs were dropped off at a grooming parlor in a pitiful state and were immediately tended to by the groomer who clipped and bathed them. However, when attempts to locate their assumed owner failed, the dogs were left with nowhere to go.

Thankfully, the kind-hearted team at PAWS offered the dogs a kennel space at their rescue center near Todmorden, providing them with a safe and secure environment to call home. This selfless act of generosity highlights the importance of animal welfare organizations and the incredible work they do to support and care for animals in need.

On a Saturday evening, PAWS received three male dogs who were clearly frightened and anxious upon arrival. Thanks to the dedication and care of volunteers, the dogs, previously unnamed, were given new names: Teddy, Timmy, and Todd. With each passing day, the dogs have shown incredible progress and are now settling in well.

Photo: Pennine Animal Welfare Society

On Monday, the dogs were taken for a health check at Hird & Partners in Walsden, where it was discovered that they were in fairly good health, despite the neglect they had experienced. The oldest dog, estimated to be around three years old, required dental cleaning and a nail clipping as his nails were very overgrown. The younger dogs, who are around 10 months old, have shown nervousness towards the outside world, likely due to their limited exposure.

According to Susan Curran, the Centre Manager, “It’s likely these poor boys have not seen much other than four walls as they appear to be frightened of everything.” Volunteers attempted to take the dogs for a walk around the compound but ended up carrying them as they were not familiar with a harness and lead. For now, the dogs are settling into the kennel routine.

“The Dog Warden has been notified and we will keep them for seven days as none of them are microchipped. Once we’ve ensured they are fit and healthy and ready to be rehomed they will be advertised.” ~ Susan Curran

Photo: Pennine Animal Welfare Society

The incredible work of volunteers and staff at local animal welfare centers is vital in ensuring that animals in need receive the care and attention they deserve. The progress made by Teddy, Timmy, and Todd is a testament to the dedication and compassion of those who work tirelessly to provide a better life for animals in need.

If you would like to support PAWS(who are based in the UK), and inquire about the three Yorkies, you can visit their website here: www.pennineanimalwelfaresociety.org

Source: https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/

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