Heartbreaking Tragedy Strikes Dickinson Neighborhood as Yorkshire Terrier Attacked by Pit Bulls

Dickinson, Texas – A devastating incident has left a local woman, Cynthia Dyer, in deep sorrow after her beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Hendricks, was brutally attacked by two pit bulls right in front of her.

The incident occurred on June 8, and despite reporting the incident to authorities, no action has been taken against the aggressive dogs or their owners.

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Cynthia Dyer, still shaken by the horrific event, recalls how her daily routine with Hendricks took a tragic turn. “He was ready to go for a walk, so I was dressed.

We go walking every morning,” Dyer said, reminiscing about the joyful moments they used to share.

However, on that fateful day, a woman appeared with two pit bulls, and chaos ensued. “They knocked me over. Knocked me out of my tennis shoes,” Dyer recalled, describing how the pit bulls attacked her as well.

In her attempt to protect Hendricks, she used a golf club she had been carrying as a cane, but sadly, she couldn’t save her dear companion in time.

Dyer’s son, Eric, expressed his concerns over the lack of action taken by the authorities. “It’s almost like they’re giving them a pass to get one free kill.

But if it happens again, then there’s another animal dead or a child,” he said, highlighting the potential danger posed by these unrestrained dogs.

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Upon reporting the incident to police and animal control, the family expected the pit bulls to be taken away or euthanized to prevent further harm.

However, officials cited a city ordinance that requires a domestic animal to be killed without provocation off the owner’s property for the dog to be deemed vicious. This left room for discretion in deciding the next course of action.

In response to the incident, the League City Animal Control facility released a statement indicating that they review cases of dangerous dog declarations on a case-by-case basis to ensure a fair and thorough process.

Hendrick the Yorkie 2 portrait

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Despite the tragic loss of Hendricks’ life, they chose not to euthanize the pit bulls due to it being an isolated incident with no prior violations of city ordinances by the owners.

The owners of the pit bulls remained unresponsive to inquiries, while Cynthia Dyer and her family are now pursuing legal action in the aftermath of the devastating event.

The loss of Hendricks has left a profound impact on their lives, with Cynthia struggling to find peace and solace. “I get three or four hours of sleep. Every day, I just can not rest, you know, I just keep reliving it,” she said.

In a community deeply affected by this tragedy, residents are left questioning the need for more stringent measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

As the legal process unfolds, the memory of Hendricks will forever live on in the hearts of those who loved him.

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