Helpful Tips for New Yorkie Owners

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You have just received your newest tiny family member.

Or at the least, you’re thinking about the possibility of getting another Yorkie.

As exciting as this moment is, you would do well to read the following article which covers some basic tips for Yorkie owners.

The Basics

You’d think I wouldn’t need to mention the following obvious things, however the truth is not that simple!

Some people don’t know even the bare basics about caring for a Yorkie.

A few things I must mention are:

Don’t leave your Yorkie outside

Yorkies are inside dogs, that being said they can survive outside it is just that it’s unnecessary. Their coat is filled with hair that is loose which means Yorkies get cold easily.

Don’t give your Yorkie human food

An occasional treat is fine, but Yorkies have notoriously delicate digestive systems and therefore you would do much better to avoid giving your Yorkie hard to digest foods.

Some examples are potato chips, bones, oily greasy spicy food and anything else that is hard to digest.

Think of a Yorkie as a human baby. You’d never give a little baby spicy hot mature food – instead, you’d give them easy to digest food.

Ensure your Yorkie is safe

We already talked just a little bit about the cold and the food. Let’s talk about safety.

Your Yorkie is fully dependent on you!

You made the choice to bring a Yorkie into your life so you have the responsibility to ensure they are safe.

Photo: Unsplash

Yorkies are very popular and expensive.

Yorkies are one of the most common dog breeds that are reported stolen.

To prevent this we have to keep our Yorkies out of the front garden where someone can easily steal them.

Otherwise ensure your property is fully secure so no one can climb over and steal your precious baby.

Unfortunately it has happened before and if even one Yorkie is saved by someone reading this information I will be happy.

Always ensure your Yorkie has an entry point into your house.

Humans are not the only being that see a Yorkie as a target.

Depending on where you live, large predator birds will see Yorkies as prey.

WATCH: Yorkie Nearly Snatched by Hawk

You can try prevent this type of incident by obviously keeping your Yorkie inside the house.

Another tip is to only let your Yorkie outside while you are outside too.

This way any bird or human that sees your Yorkie as an opportunity will reconsider!

Maybe you know some of these tips already, maybe you don’t – it’s very likely you even have your own tips that you’d like to add!

If so, please add it in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading.

Please pass along these tips to help other new Yorkie owners.


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