Is This The Most Mischievous Adorable Yorkie Ever

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One of the most endearing things about a Yorkie is their ‘play-tude’, their ‘play attitude’. Such vigor and enthusiasm concentrated in this compact shiny haired body, it’s infectious!

Life can wear one down at times but arriving home to a happy dancing Yorkie can instantly lift your mood, even just watching this little video cheers one up. These gorgeous little pups take play very seriously and they focus in on the activity with pure joy and determination. To be able to share in that innocent emotion is a gift.

In the video below, you’ll meet an adorable Yorkie who embodies the above statement wholeheartedly:

One of my favorite things about Yorkies is what I’ve dubbed the ‘poop dance’, and what I’m referring to is the front paws shuffle that all Yorkies seem to do.

I first noticed it with my Mom-in-laws Yorkie, Tommy. After going for a poop, he always does the happy shuffle with his front paws, hence it became known as the ‘poop dance’.

But it seems the shuffle isn’t only reserved for celebrating a bowel movement but for every small accomplishment that fills up a Yorkies world; finding the toy, losing the toy, fiercely holding onto the toy, having your owner talk to you in that excited voice, the promise of a treat, the consumption of that treat, just simply being alive; all worthy of the poop dance shuffle! And that happy and honest energy is a potent mood lifter for any grumpy giant lucky enough to share a space in the Yorkie’s world.

Studies have been done proving that caring for a pet can provide significant health benefits; such as helping to relieve depression and anxiety, lowering stress levels, easing loneliness and providing purpose and routine to one’s life.

Caring for another life and receiving love and affection back is healing and uplifting to every part of your psyche, and reducing emotional stress automatically influences physical health, as do activities like taking your energetic Yorkie for a daily walk.

Therapy dogs are now being introduced in hospitals and clinics as animal-assisted therapy, for patients of mental health disorders to patients battling heart disease and cancer, to nursing homes and veterans suffering from post traumatic stress. The benefits and reach is substantial.

Yorkies and their poop dance have a place in pet therapy as well. For one, Yorkies can be trained to detect epileptic seizures and changes in glucose levels of diabetics. Yorkies are also good for mental health therapy, as for their size they are useful in ‘lap duty’, where a patient can sit with and pet a Yorkie.

Petting a dog or cat has shown to not only lift one’s mood, but can actually lower blood pressure and lower the stress hormone, cortisol, and in turn increase the ‘feel-good’ hormone, oxytocin.

The value in having a pet or being part of a pet therapy program is significantly beneficial. I know for me that every time I witness Tommy doing his poop dance I smile, (making a point not to witness the activity that comes before the dance of course), and every time Tommy comes bouncing into my home to check if any morsel of food may have fallen to the floor, I feel happy to see him.

A dog really does have a way of making you feel uncomplicated joy and if you aren’t able to have a dog or pet in your home, then the countless pet videos available are definitely a second best. You will smile and feel lighter before you know it.

Then if you really want to cheer yourself up, do the poop dance, in celebration of everything simple yet significant, in celebration of the power of a smile, because yes, you will feel silly and that in turn will make you smile, and then somewhere across the ocean, Tommy will be shuffling those front paws too and perhaps humming to himself; “Do the poop dance, do the poop dance”.

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