Brave Yorkshire Terrier Saves Girl From Coyote!

Source: Delilah Ren/The Yorkie Club

If you hadn’t heard of Macy the Yorkie saving her human sister from Coyote attack then hold onto your seat.

Lily Kwan was walking her Yorkshire Terrier named Macy through the residential street like she normally does.

When all of a sudden a wild coyote came out of nowhere and went straight for the pair.

During the predicament Macy had to turn back and fight for her life while protecting her human sister Lily.

You can learn more about it from Lily herself & her mom in the video below:

At the bottom of this article we have posted an update on how Macy is doing.

Isn’t it amazing that Macy survived certain doom from a vicious hungry Coyote?

Not only that but by turning and fighting the Coyote she prevented Lily from being hurt at all.

In my opinion Macy the Yorkie is such an amazing hero and she deserves massive treats for life!

I’m so happy she has a loving wonderful family who are extremely grateful and appreciative of her.

This story was originally shared on Facebook in The Yorkie Club where Macy & Lily’s mother is a member of.

Take a look at update photos about Macy below:

Photos: Delilah Ren/The Yorkie Club

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